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    Serious problem:

    I’m trying to use tabs.
    Within each tab I want to use a different gallery grid.
    When I inserted the first grid gallery on the first tab everything worked ok.
    But when I inserted the second grid gallery on the second tab has a fatal error … Warning: DOMDocument :: loadXML () [domdocument.loadxml] …

    I consulted the Troubleshooting Guide and says

    “This is probably due to a Slide Set Datasource not selected for a gallery on your page”.

    But I have selected and set a Slide Set Datasource over and over again and not saved.

    No solution.

    I have been working hours and hours and now I can’t continue.

    Look at the screenshots please.

    I’ve also turned off and on all my plugins one by one and the problem is not solved.

    Please help me ASAP because I’m very tired



    Please delete this post.
    I found that the problem was caused by the name of Slide Set (several words separated by commas).
    It’s solved.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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