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    Daniel Newman

    I’m trying to get it so that sidebars will appear only on certain pages/posts by default.

    At first I enabled a sidebar on the pages where I wanted the sidebar, which is the blog page and individual post pages, but I found that I had to enable the sidebar on each individual post as it was made.

    So instead I tried to enable the sidebar in the Theme Options -> General tab, however now the sidebar is appearing in places where I don’t want it, specifically WooCommerce product pages, and bbPress forum pages. When I edit these pages, I don’t get the options at the bottom to disable the sidebars like I do on other pages.

    Also, I tried disabling the sidebars again in Theme Options but the sidebars are still present on the WooCommerce and bbPress pages.


    Tom ( Support)

    Hi Daniel,

    If you want the sidebar to appear on certain pages or posts, you will need to add it in page by page.

    You can set the sidebar to appear globally via the Theme Options, then also choose the sidebar globally for WooCommerce and Buddypress via the Theme Options.

    What exactly are you having issues with now? I am slightly confused as to what you mean?



    Daniel Newman

    I somehow completely missed the Buddypress/Woocommerce tabs in the theme options, which fixed both problems I was having. Thank you!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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