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    Philipp Lesmana


    I asked a question earlier on the themeforest page regarding having grid gallery and carousel within an accordion menu. That issue is now resolved – turns out I didnt have a unique ID for the grid galleries.

    My second question was in regards to loading time.
    Here are some of the link..I tested using http://tools.pingdom.com/

    Using wordpress and ePix
    Results: Page size 1MB, Load time 11.29s, Requests 32
    Website slower than 88% of all tested sites

    A completely different site (that I am currently building – using the same hosting)
    Results : Page size 1.3MB, Load time 1.70s, Requests 236
    Faster than 76% of all tested sites

    http://www.encapturedperfection.com/glamour (this is my current website..with full gallery – redirected to a different hosting)
    Result : Page size 6.3MB, Load time 1.26s, Requests 74
    Faster than 84% of other sites

    As you can see, I have barely modified the carousel gallery that the demo file came with. When I loaded the gallery with my full gallery of images – the site goes even slower – which doesnt happen on my current website, or the one I am playing around with using koken.

    Please help! Also, if there are any plugins for speed that you’d recommend, would be great.


    Philipp Lesmana

    Update :

    I added W3 Total Cache plugin , which helped somewhat with the speed, and now nothing I do would turn ePix back to a responsive page on my phone.

    Update 2:

    Turning off “Minify” in the settings of W3 Total Cache plugin fixes the responsive issue. I think. My phone still hasnt cleared its cache yet to check it.

    Still looking for other plugins that would help the speed. I am still working with demo files straight out of the box…

    It would be great if you guys can have a list of recommended plugins/workaround for speed – especially for photographers with heavy image loads.


    Jorge Arroyave


    I had the same problem, my website was slower too, I search on many sites trying to perform my website correctly, and I discovered that the carousel, grid, stage or full slider download all the images in full size, I tried a plugin that help me to optimize the image load but I had not gotten any perform, so I solve my problem with two actions, first: downgrade the image size and quality, 800×600 at 160Kb maximun, and second consider install a gallery plugin with lazy-loading features.

    honestly, I hope that Themeva team include that feature in an update sooner.

    best regards


    Philipp Lesmana

    Thanks Jorge. I have downloaded a bunch of plugins now, but I don’t want to sacrifice resolution if I can. And I dont think its a solution that we should be content with – since it is a theme for photographers – which will always be image heavy.

    I do hope they will fix this somehow, or come up with list of things we can do to speed up our sites.


    Hi Guys,

    Philipp, the reason why your site is loading full resolution images is because the image resizing script doesn’t accept sites installed within sub-folders ( part of the security check which ideally needs to be improved ). if it was install on the main directory it would resize the images for you and reduce the page load speed.

    The theme itself is highly optimised – the demo site is not running any sort of cache or special script to aid this. You can see the results here from pingdom on the carousel page:


    You’re running less request and therefore it should load even quicker.

    I am looking into lazy loading for images, but in the examples given, I don’t think it would make any difference. A Grid Gallery with a long list of images would probably benefit from it.


    Philipp Lesmana

    Hi Andy,

    Thanks for the response. I will move my site to root, and hope it will load it faster!

    I used lazy loader for my grid gallery in the carousel : on my iPhone – the gallery loads as a single line a few pixel wide. If the visitor does not wait a few more seconds and navigate elsewhere – they will miss the gallery. So a lazy loader is not a solution for me.




    I stumbled on this thread while I was looking for something else so excuse me for jumping in! I seem to spend my life creating image heavy sites and although it won’t solve the resize problem I’ve found that running images through https://tinypng.com/ really reduces their weight (which should help with the load speed).

    best wishes


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