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    I am loving this theme however I do have a few questions:

    Is it possible to have the social media icons showing at the bottom of the menu bar? Right at the bottom, not just under the menu?

    Full page gallery – issues showing horizontal images – is it possible to stop the images being stretched so you can see the background colour and the whole horizontal image?

    Other galleries – when using other galleries on pages I can get rid of the page title, but there are still directional links underneath the images – can I remove these?

    When viewing a page which is a subpage – is it possible to keep the menu ‘open’ so people can see in the menu which subpage they are viewing?

    Full pages – I would like all the content to be responsive on the site – at the moment when viewing through a large montior the pages seem to have a lot of dead space on the right hand side – can I stretch the content to get rid of this? I would also like to ensure you never need to scroll down on the site when viewed on a computer – not sure if this is possible.

    Gallery – I am finding the galleries a little too basic for my needs, and wondered if it would be possible to have something like a fullscreen slider – but with a strip of thumbnails down the right hand side? With responsive content etc. Or do you know of any similar plugins which would be compatible?

    Thank you – and sorry for the big list!


    Tom ( Support)


    1. It is not possible to have the social icons at the bottom of the sidebar without a lot of customization.

    2. The latest version has extra options which will allow you to do this, it will allow you to keep all of the width in.

    3. You can remove these arrows using CSS or sometimes some of the galleries have the option to disable the navigation.

    4. This is doable with customization, but with the standard theme it is not possible. The parent menu item is highlighted in the link color to show the child item is selected. We can complete this with customization within the customization forum for you.

    5. It is on the to do list, but if you do sign up for the customization, you will find the code for this within there although it is a little long winded at the moment.

    6. Currently there are no options to add this kind of functionality into the galleries but I will suggest this to Andy. I would be very careful about trying to use a plugin as they may not use the same classes etc as the galleries do.

    Hope this helps.

    Kind regards,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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