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    Kim Paffen

    Hi (again),

    I’m having some footer issues:

    1. In footer column 3 you see small white stripes on the left and right side of every social icon.
    When I paste that same html text into the lower footer, the stripes are gone. But, I want it in footer column 3 in stead of the lower footer. Or is there also a possibility to use the default social icons that I now use in my header?

    2. Is there a possibility to change the color of (only) the lower footer? I can’t choose between top or bottom color. I tried this CSS but it doesn’t work properly: .lowerfooter-wrap {background:#1b1b1b !important;}
    The color changes where there is text but on the bottom the color of the top footer appears again.

    Kind regards,


    Kim Paffen

    3. Column 1 top footer: the font of the ‘send’ button in the contact form is different in different browsers (IE is different from Safari) and on the mobile version the button looks very big.

    4. Is it possible to change the size of the description field in the contact form? I think I want it a little smaller or the same with as the name and e-mail fields.


    Kim Paffen

    5. When I try to adjust the background color of the footer in appearance>customizer>footer, i can see the color changes, but when I save and publish and I go back to my page it doesn’t show the new color. When I go back to appearance>customizer>footer it does show the color I want, but when I go back to the site it’s much more darker again.
    it’s so weird. For example:
    – When I choose #13131e or #12131e or #11121e (and a opacity around 80) it will not show those colors after publishing.
    – When I choose #003c42 it does show that color after publishing (also with opacity around 80).
    Looks like a bug?
    I would like to have the footer color the same (or a little bit lighter) as the header.


    Hi @kimpaffen

    1. Please use this CSS to hide the dash/lines on the icons

    #footer .widget ul {
        border: 0;

    2. Use this CSS to style the lower footer:.

    lowerfooter-wrap.clearfix {
        background: #ffffff;

    3. This is a possible bug on the form. I will coordinate this with the developer.

    4. Please send screenshots so I can check further.

    5. It is best to apply the customization via CSS.



    Kim Paffen

    Hi Edcel,

    Thanks for all the help and your answers!

    1. this works!

    2. this doesn’t work. I still can’t change the color of the lower footer. When I try a different color than #ffffff it doesn’t work.

    3. Do you already have an answer to this possible bug in the form? In the screenshots you can also see the ‘send’ button is very large.

    4. links: (1) http://www.kimpaffen.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/Schermafbeelding-2018-03-21-om-11.29.44.png
    (2) http://www.kimpaffen.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/Schermafbeelding-2018-03-21-om-11.32.01.png
    In the footer you can see the third field is larger (width) than the other two fields above and I was wondering if I can change it into the same width.

    5. Sadly I don’t know much about CSS or where to apply these color changes. In fact, it just needs to work when I want to change the color of the footer in a rondom color. It’s strange that the colors with a ‘e’ on the end doesn’t work.

    6. In screenshot (2) you can see white padding under the footer. I don’t want to have padding under the footer. I don’t have it in pages where there’s more information like text and images (like screenshot 1), but I do have it in pages like ‘projects’ and ‘publications’.

    7. I am creating this post for my blog: http://www.kimpaffen.com/2018/03/behind-the-lens-sunrise-above-the-clouds/
    I chose ‘wide and boxed’ for my posts because this looks better while reading, but the columns of the footer are suddenly also boxed and I want them to stay wide (just like all the other pages on my website).
    See screenshot (3) http://www.kimpaffen.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/Schermafbeelding-2018-03-21-om-11.49.54.png


    Hi @kimpaffen

    2. If it works when using #fffff, I see no reason for it not working with another color. I again tested the code and it works from my end. What color do you want to set it to?

    3. I will make a follow-up with the developer on this.

    4. Use this CSS to stretch those field’s width:

    input#widget-nv_contact_form2idname {
        width: 100% !important;
    input#widget-nv_contact_form2idemailFrom {
        width: 100% !important;

    5. Use this CSS:

    div#footer {
        background-color: rgba( 25,22,30, 0.86);

    This is the same color as the header with opacity. You can change the color value to any you prefer. Use this as a guide: https://www.w3schools.com/colors/colors_picker.asp

    6. This will require a lot of tweaks to the current CSS which may break its responsiveness. It is best to leave it as is.

    7. If you select Boxed, it will be applied to the whole page, including the footer. Anyway, apply this CSS to counter it:

    #primary-wrapper.horizontal-layout.tva-wide-layout.boxed-content #footer .footer-inner-wrap {
        max-width: 100% !important;
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