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    Ryan Moyer

    WPBakery Visual Composer is recommended alongside ePix. However, that plugin slows down my site significantly. This is typically in the admin panel, where every click takes about ~10 seconds with that plugin enabled and 1-2 seconds if I disable it. Additionally, some features on the front end of the site (for instance, the dropdown menus in woocommerce behave similarly to described above with ~10 second load times when the plugin is enabled). All plugins and wordpress are updated to the latest version.

    Additionally, if I disable all plugins other than Visual Composer, I still get the ~10 second load times.

    Has anyone come across this before? It seems like it would have come up since presumably everyone using ePix is also using this plugin.


    Tom ( Support)

    Hi Ryan,

    We have not experienced the same speeds within our test sites and demo sites. Visual Composer with ePix is very quick.

    Which version of ePix, WordPress and Visual Composer are you currently using? It sounds like your server may be a fault here. Please can you also provide a URL of your site so I can take a further look please?

    Kind regards,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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