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    Daniel Lerzer


    I´m struggling with some strange problems.
    Yesterday around luncht time, a collegue from me realised, that my font-awesome icons on my website http://www.daniellerzer.de are broken.
    In safari mobile they where availabel and also in firefox for developer and in some other browser (standard firefox and safari on desktop) you can´t see them.

    According to your mail theres a new theme-update available i started the update.

    But the update caused more problems.

    – Visual Composer needed a update I can´t achieve (because i did not have a key for VC / but I have the API for ePix eg. /
    – FontAwesome Icons are gone on ALL Devices
    – Slider won´t work
    – Because VC was not working you could see the VC – MarkUp in the browser – not as expected slider or Galleries

    Finally I deleted all Files from my server, dropped all tables out of the database and input the data new, loaded up all files from a backup to my server.

    —-> Same problems

    I did this twice in the last 12 hours.
    Nothing changed!

    Now I imported a backup which is one week older!
    Same problems…

    The strange thing is, that all data are available at my server.
    But for example if you want to view by direct link they are also “gone”.


    This also I have made:

    Disabled all plugins
    Set up wordpress new and mirrored all data to this new version
    Used older versions from ePix – Visual Composer – and plugins…

    According to this it seems that my whole wordpress framework is broke – or it offends with the ePix – Visual Composer.

    Please suggest me what to do!!!!



    Hi Daniel.

    This guide here shows you how to update Visual Composer – http://help.themeva.com/theme-issues/

    Font awesome is working fine for me, see the image below form your site.

    The sliders are also working, is the issue still the same for you, if so, I’m guessing it’s a browser caching issue on your site?


    Daniel Lerzer


    thank you very much for responding.

    Finally if found out a few issues which caused my problems.

    First one:
    While i was uploading the first update, FilleZilla send some files not 100% comnplete. So there was a lack of data in some files.
    After I changed transfer mode from ASCII to Auto all files where transfered correct.

    Second one:

    I had to delete some options inside and recreated for example the link structure and blogposts.

    Third one:
    I deleted FontCss and created a new CSS via copy and paste from original
    Now FA is working again.

    My hosting provider send me the info, that some of my files are broke, so they I changed them.
    Because my provider was also not able to open some picture files. (but i could) –> 😉 Yes it´s strange….

    I deleted my .htaccess and put a new one without caching and compressing in my mainfolder.

    Now everything should working proper and I can go step by step to the setup I had before.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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