WordFence – How it Works?

Word Fence - How it Works?


Wordfence is a plugin that can be to protect WordPress websites and keep them secure. When you run a website, you need to take precautions to ensure that everything is secure for both yourself and those who use your services.

In order to make the most out of your website and keep it secure, you need to understand what Wordfence is and how it operates.

What is WordPress?

In order to get things started, we need to go from the top. Wordfence is a plugin that can be used on WordPress so you need to have a good understanding of both in order to ensure that your website is secure.

WordPress is a blogging and website creation platform that is used to host thousands of websites online. It is a great tool for businesses, bloggers and hobbyists alike because it is easy to use and offers a range of features to make your website great quality. Some of these features are plugins, like Wordfence.

What are Plugins?

WordPress plugins are pieces of program or software that can be uploaded onto your website to extend functionality. There are so many different plugins available on WordPress to help your website run better, look better and be more accessible to your audience.

One of the most popular kinds of WordPress plugins is security and firewalls, like Wordfence.

There are a mixture of WordPress plugins available from both the web host themselves and from other websites across the internet. Some of these plugins will be free and others may come at a cost.

What is Wordfence?

Now you have a good understanding of WordPress and plugins, it will be easier to understand Wordfence and how it can be used to improve your website.

Wordfence is a WordPress plugin that is designed for security and acts as a firewall. It can provide a range of features and configuration options to site owners in order to keep their website secure. This plugin is one of the largest names in WordPress security because of how effective it is.Wordfence is a great security plugin that will keep you informed of any changes that have been made to your website, as well as providing regular updates to ensure it is as secure as it can be. This is a great plugin for a range of different websites and it can help keep your information secure.

Wordfence works through:

  • Performing blacklist checks
  • Malware scanning
  • Creating scheduled scans
  • Two-step authentication
  • Protection from aggressive crawlers
  • Country blocking

This plugin also includes an endpoint firewall and malware scanner that has been built specifically to protect WordPress websites. Wordfence has been made to keep up to date with modern security rules including firewall updates, malware signatures and providing protection from malicious IP addresses which could be a sign of a virus or hacker.

Wordfence is a comprehensive security plugin that can provide protection from a range of threats and will keep information safe.

How Does Wordfence Work?

Wordfence is a firewall plugin that can provide security to your website. Firewalls and other security protection can be tricky to understand if this is your first time making a website.

It is important to note that Wordfence may sometimes be referred to as Wordfence WAF on some websites. WAF is a term that stands for a web application firewall, which means that Wordfence is a firewall that is designed to protect web applications like WordPress.

Wordfence is designed to protect the actual web application of WordPress, which you will use to create and host your website, and everything that has been installed under this. This includes all of the information you have put into your website as well as any work, design or customer details that may be present.

But how does it actually work?

  • Wordfence Works Before Codes

As Wordfence is a firewall, it informs your webserver to run this firewall code before any other PHP on your website. PHP coding is a general-purpose scripting language that is used for web development and it can be embedded in HTML codes.

This essentially means that Wordfence works before anything else on your website. This allows this plugin to process every request it receives to ensure that it is safe and secure for your website.

  • Decision Making Process

Wordfence determines whether a request or action is safe or not by running it through the ruleset, which you can alter later on to provide additional security, and performing a detailed analysis. The information that comes up from this process will determine whether a request is safe or not and therefore whether it can be accepted.

As this plugin runs before anything else on your website, it operates very quickly. This means that it can block malicious requests or actions before they have even connected to your WordPress database. It runs much quicker than any other code on your website, including those from WordPress themselves. This is why Wordfence is so accurate and effective.

  • Data Sharing With WordPress

Even though Wordfence can operate faster than any other code on your website, it also has the ability to share data with WordPress and collect information from WordPress API. This is how Wordfence incorporates user identity and allows you to adjust the firewall controls.

This allows you to make decisions about which users can have access to your website, which will be based not only on their request but also their access levels within WordPress and who they are.

How Does It Protect Websites?

Wordfence is a highly effective firewall that can prevent malicious IP address, hackers or viruses from even entering your website as it operates before any other code.

Being Blocked From Wordfence

There are multiple ways that Wordfence can let you know that you have not been given access to a website:

  • You are temporarily locked out

This message can appear on WordPress websites if you have violated the Brute Force Rules when logging in through Wordfence. This may mean that you have tried to log in with an invalid username and password or you may have had too many attempts at getting it right.

This means that you will be locked out of the website for as long as the site owner has specified. You can change these settings as site owner through the Brute Force Protection Options in Wordfence.

If you are an admin to the site, you can go through the process provided by Wordfence on the locked out page in order to get your access back. If you are not an admin user, then you should contact the site owner for access.

  • Your access to this site has been limited

This message means that your IP address has been blocked by Wordfence. As the site owner, you can choose which IP addresses should be blocked. This page should also provide the reason why you have been blocked. It could be due to Country Blocking or RateLimiting.

As an admin to a WordPress website, you can adjust these settings to allow your IP address. If you cannot get access, you should contact the site owner.

  • Your login attempt has been blocked because the password you are using exists on lists of passwords leaked in data breaches

This message means that your password has been found on a list of breached credentials, which have been determined by the site owner. These credentials are present to protect user data from malicious bots or hackers, which will make multiple attempts to break into a WordPress website using a collection of passwords.

If you see this message, then it could just be a coincidence that your password has appeared on one of these lists. Your passwords may be flagged if they are the same that you have used on several other websites. This means that they may have been picked up by bots in the past and are now on credential lists. This is why it is so important that you use new, secure passwords every time you make an account.

  • 403 Forbidden

Wordfence will present this message if you have violated a rule or if your IP address is on the Wordfence IP Blacklist. This blacklist has been created by Wordfence and contains a range of IP addresses that are currently or have been engaged in attacks on WordPress websites.

This can be adjusted through your Wordfence account and you can click the ‘report’ option when this page comes up if you do not think that you should have been blocked.

Being Locked Out By Wordfence

As Wordfence is such an effective firewall, it is possible that you may find yourself being locked out of your own account from time to time.

If you have been locked out of your website, then you should be able to get information from Wordfence about why this may have happened. In most cases, it is down to entering the wrong login details or using a new IP address.

You should use these details to prevent yourself from getting locked out again in the future. You can determine, through Wordfence, which requests will get you locked out in order to protect your website.

Why Use Wordfence?

Wordfence is a highly effective firewall plugin that can provide security and other configuration information to your website.

As it is a firewall, Wordfence can prevent any hacker, malicious data or virus from entering your website and having access to your data. As it runs before any other code on your website, Wordfence is very quick and effective to keep your WordPress website protected at all times.