Why Use WordPress Themes?

Why Use WordPress Themes?

Want to use digital methods for running a business and looking for a good website creation tool which is free and has a well known content management system (CMS)? You need WordPress, an open source platform that easily takes care of your HTML content.

WordPress brings life to your website due to its usability and flexibility and a large number of WordPress themes available freely. Most website developers and designers use freely available themes as they are efficient and cost effective. Some other developers who do not have budget constraints use premium themes and plugins available as they come up with regular updates and more features unlike in free themes.

So the question arises why people need WordPress themes for their websites and why they are so important?

Let us talk about several benefits of using both free and premium themes.

  • Beautiful and Responsive Designs Engaging More Customers

WordPress themes are attractive and are a visual treat to the eyes of a visitor. These themes attract more traffic to your website and lower the bounce rate. Visitors stay on the website and explore more about the website content. This helps to make your web presence stronger.

Premium themes are paid and comes with more attractive bug-free designs

  • Admirable features

Freely available themes neither have many features nor come with regular updates as compared to premium available themes.

The premium themes consists of a wide range of features that makes your website look cool and sophisticated at the same time. Premium themes have designs which comply with Google’s webmaster guidelines and have sharing tools and pre-installed widgets. The design is so elegant and responsive that you can open the website on mobile or any handheld device and it will give same feel as seen on the desktop. This also attracts more visitors on the website.

  • Safety and Security

As premium themes receive automatic updates, they are safe and come with a long range of security options and nobody can hack your website. These themes are more secure than freely available themes. These safety features are not available in freely available themes as they do not receive regular update.

  • Browser Compatibility

Most of the WordPress themes are compatible to all the internet browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari making the website compatible on every operating system and will reach to a large customer base.

  • Translation and Multilingual Ready

There may be the businesses which do not need their website in English, So WordPress helps them to develop their website which can translate the website language and compatible with WordPress’ Multilingual plugins.

  • Easy customization of Themes

You can easily customize the WordPress themes. Freely available themes have very few customizations but when it comes to premium account then you will get to customize the website content and design as per your requirement. You are able to change background color, fonts, sidebars and other layout changes in the customization process. You can also add WordPress plugins available for performing a particular function. For example, Page Builders WordPress plugin, which allows you to create page layout using drag and drop interface.

  • Free Updates and Technical Support

Once you purchase a WordPress Premium theme, you are entitled for the free updates and technical support for the entire life. You will get the facility of technical support with the developer of the theme unlike in freely available theme.

So these are the importance of using themes for developing a website. I would suggest purchasing premium themes as they are more efficient.