Why You Need an Online Portfolio

Why You Need an Online Portfolio

Online portfolio is considered equivalent to polished skill. Owing one in this digital world allows you to showcase your work easily with the customers you’d like to work for. If you are a graphic designer or a photographer, it becomes more important to have a website portfolio where you can share your best work like design images, themes, and photographs. We’ve put together a list of the best photography WordPress themes here.

Let us discuss the benefits of having an online portfolio and describe some of them that will change your mind if you haven’t thought of building one yet.

  • Amazing First Impression

As said by several scholars “First impression of your work is long lasting” and being in the field of creativity, first impression matters a lot as it makes you to stand out among others and propels you couple of miles your rivals. Most of customers do not have much time to review every entry. They look for experts who have consolidated their online portfolio with their freelancing business and contact them for hiring.

  • Increase your visibility and online presence

Having a web portfolio expands your audience base and offers a way to customers to contact you. Anyone, anywhere in the world can find you and see your work. You can use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to rank your portfolio higher on Google making you more likely to get noticed. If you do not have a portfolio then people have a hard time finding you. With your increased visibility you are providing a platform for online self-promotion.

  • Perfect description of your work

Several freelancers face difficulty in describing their work and thereby distract the buyers and confuse them. With a portfolio website you can describe the pure salt of your business without making an impression that you are jack of all trades and master of none.

  • Enhance your clientele

Online portfolio brings an ocean of opportunities to your photography and graphic designing business. If your business is suffering from a loss and is stagnant from a long time then you should build a killer portfolio that will showcase your skills. It showcases you more than a mere resume and make the client believe that you are ready to demonstrate your identity and work. Building a web portfolio is considered as a clean approach to impart your ability to others.

  • Gives flexibility

Creating your portfolio online gives you a window of editing the content, images, and videos posted on your portfolio without spending a single penny. You can save the money spent in printing and binding of your portfolio and allows you to create new content to be added to the website and helps you to display your continuous learning process.

Now you have learnt about the benefits, you must be thinking of having one but could be in a confused situation of what to include in a portfolio or what not, don’t worry, I will tell you some of the basic but important elements which you could be needed to make a killer portfolio.

You could include images of your creative work, an about you page, a contact page, and Testimonials you received from your previous clients and a comment section where people could comment on your work.

I guess, now you are ready to rock the internet world with your remarkable online presence.