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We offer a full range of web development services for both front- and back-end website building. Our experts are proficient in PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, react.js, HTML, and CSS, and have extensive experience with developing the likes of WordPress themes and plugins and Shopify store fronts. 


Our design services cover a wide range of niches. Whether you are looking for website designers or graphic designers to help you develop your company branding, or simply need an extra pair of hands for optimization and editing, we will set you up with the right professionals for your requirements.

Site Optimization

Looking to optimize your website for ranking in Google? We offer everything from helping to improve your page speed score, passing Google Core Vitals, to optimizing images, plugins, and themes to get your website running to the best of its abilities. 

Website Audits

Through our website auditing services, we will evaluate and provide suggestions for SEO ranking factors on your website. This includes evaluating and suggesting improvements to your page speed, Google Core Web Vitals, SILO structure and valid schema.

Outreach Campaigns

Our email outreach services include bespoke link building campaigns to improve your webpage SEO. We also offer a guest posting service to curate professional articles relating to your business, ultimately building greater awareness of your brand. 

Content Writing

No matter what type of content you need, we will match you up with experienced writers who are experts in your required niche. All of our writers have an extensive portfolio of their expertise and experience to help you gauge exactly the type of content you can expect from them.

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Acoda has always made incredible Themes and Plugins and I’m now using their digitals services platform to grow my business further. Mark SimmonsDirector

I had extensive optimisation work done on a few of our sites and the result was amazing, it reduced our bounce rate by in excess of 30%. Kyle W.Director

Acoda completed a development and optimisation package for my site and I’m delighted with the work completed. I’ll be using another one of their services very soon. Jack P.CEO


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