Who Are We


Here at Acoda, we offer a platform to provide businesses with a vast array of professional digital services, including full-stack web development, branding and design, website optimization and auditing, email outreach, and content writing.

Director & Founder

Andrew Gaugler

I founded Acoda in 2015, however, my journey into the realm of all things internet-based started much earlier. From the age of 12, I’ve been fascinated with computers and software. It started with exploring my love for art with Deluxe Paint on the Amiga. Using that creativity, I began learning HTML, which evolved into teaching myself a host of web programming languages. 

My first proper job involved creating a bespoke intranet system for a sales team from scratch. I then realised that I needed to break away from working for companies and start developing for my own projects. 

Skip forward to 2010, and having a unique set of design and coding skills, I started building WordPress Themes and Plugins for Envato. My first theme quickly became a top 5 seller for 3 years straight, earning me Elite Author status and generating over $1.2m in revenue. 

I’ve since focused my attention on internet marketing and working very closely with Google to optimize websites on-page, as well as setting up teams to provide ethical link building for SEO. 

With a vast amount of experience across the digital realm, I’m now putting my focus into creating services to help businesses build upon the most crucial aspects of their online presence.